Friends, Romans, Countrymen. Lend Me Your Ea–Erm, Eyes

As my local vegan restaurant’s quirky cashier would say, “Hello, fellow earthlings, how are you today?”

Welcome to my blog. Yes, I’m a Millenial with a blog talking about literature and stuff. How…NOVEL (yep, pun intended). This blog is starting off as a class assignment, but we have been very generously allowed lots of freedom with this thingamajig, so expect to read more eloquent words of wisdom like thingamajig and who knows what else. I’ll have to evoke the Muses to help me out.

Stay tuned.

The class focuses on one little place you maaaaaay have heard of: London. It’s intricate, it’s aristocratic, it’s shabby, it’s shiny, it’s a geographic and cultural powerhouse, it’s basically a smoothie concoction of deliciously rich concepts that we scholars (ugh, such a pretentious youth) love to analyze.

So sit back, scroll at your leisure, and enjoy the ride as we travel (via Tube and/or double-decker bus) through the centuries of London and all it has to offer. It may not always seem so lovely, but

Disclaimer: Beauty is in the (London) Eye of the beholder.

Cheerio, mate.




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